All in a days work in the beautiful Hokianga.

Our clinics in KawakawaKaikohe and Waipapa provide on-farm services for our dairy, sheep and beef clients.

We aim to provide a quick and effective emergency service for individual animals that need veterinary care. We provide many significant preventative health management services to ensure farm productivity is maximised with care and attention to the herd and individual animal.

Calf Disbudding

We provide a calf disbudding service for young calves up to 6 weeks of age. These calves are sedated and local anaesthetic is used so it becomes a painless procedure to cauterise the horn bud. Excess teats can be removed at this time. A castration using rubber rings and vaccination with either 5 or 7-in-1 vaccine can be carried out.


We offer the following “in house” diagnostics giving timely results so the appropriate treatment can be administered.

  • Spore Counts (Facial Eczema)
  • Faecal Egg Counts (Parasites)
  • Calf Scour Panels
  • Mastitis Snap Testing
  • Portable X-Ray


Disease Investigation

Where ill thrift is evident in a mob, or individual animals fail to thrive or die, we will investigate, often using laboratory testing to isolate the problem and then instigate a remedial action to rectify the problem.

Waipapa is currently a dedicated large animal clinic, Kaikohe and Kawakawa provide both large animal and small animal services and all three clinics provide a comprehensive range of animal health products.

Mineral  Supplementation

We will provide a mineral supplementation package especially tailored to your property, with on going monitoring to ensure  minerals are maintained  at optimal levels.

Mastitis Control

We provide a grade busting service  where immediate action is needed to correct a problem.

Ongoing monitoring of bulk milk somatic cell levels and individual testing to isolate the offending organism is used to provide the best treatment and advice during the season and at dry off.

If you think you may have contaminated your vat with inhibitory substances, we provide a Snap Test  to check your milk to ensure it is safe to collect. 

Parasite Management

We provide advice on products for the control of both internal and external parasites with in house diagnostics for faecal egg counts of sheep,  goats, cattle and horses. Alpacas are also catered for.  We can also provide a drench efficiency test and culture of larvae to identify resistant parasites.

Reproductive Management

We take a holistic approach to reproductive management and help to ensure all factors are covered which will have a beneficial effect on reproductive performance. We have a trained InCalf advisor so we have access to the most recent technology to help isolate the problem you may have on your property and give the best advice. We provide synchrony programs for heifers and cows plus management of non- cycling cows to help ensure the best outcome for your herd. We provide a pregnancy testing service with ultra sound scanners available in each clinic. 

Vaccinations Cattle 

- Leptospirosis
- Bovine Diarrhoea Virus
- Clostridial disease
- Rotovirus vaccination

Vaccinations Sheep  

- Campylobacter fetus
- Toxoplasmosis
- Androvac

All in a days work!

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