Our clinics in KawakawaKaikohe and Waipapa provide on-farm services for our equine and lifestyle clients.

We aim to provide a quick and effective emergency service for individual animals that need veterinary care. We provide many significant preventative health management services to ensure farm productivity is maximised with care and attention to the herd and individual animal.

Lameness examination

We can examine your lame horse to diagnose the cause and provide treatment and advice on management. Lameness exams may involve trot-ups, hoof testing, flexion tests, regional nerve blocks and even xray's if necessary to pinpoint the location and cause of the lameness.

Parasite control

find out how effective your current programme is and if your horses need worming.

we carry a range of different products for different needs.

talk to us about your horse management, we can recommend a suitable parasite control programme.

Tooth care

We can examine your horses teeth and provide routine dental care. Horse tooth care is a commonly overlooked part of routine health care. We can also do dental xrays and diagnose more serious problems that can be referred to an equine hospital for treatment. Every horse should have its’ teeth checked at least once a year. Your horse may have sharp enamel points and ulcerated cheeks and not give you any indication of a problem.

You may be suspicious of a problem if the horse tosses its head or displays other evasive behaviours when ridden. Tooth problems can result in a thin horse or even colic. If your horse drops a lot of feed when eating you can be sure it has a problem. Read more....

Equine ACTH Testing 

The preferred diagnostic test for Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction (PPID) also referred to as Equine Cushing’s Disease is an endogenous ACTH test. For a limited time Boehringer Ingelheim will be sponsoring free Equine ACTH Testing.


Tetanus - all horses should at least be vaccinated against this serious but easily preventable disease. There are a number of diseases we can vaccinate your horse against. Talk to us about your specific requirements. Read more....

Supplements and feeding

We stock a large range of specialist horse feeds and dietary supplements and can advise you on what the options are for your horse.

Horse Products

We carry a large range of horse products and equipment at our Waipapa clinic – if we don’t have it just ask, chances are we can get it.

Pre-purchase examinations

We can examine a horse before you by to give you an idea of its suitability for your purposes. We will provide you with a certificate of our findings to help you with your decision.

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