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Surgeries and procedures are performed every weekday by our team of vets.

Who are backed up by a highly educated, experienced, team of surgical nurses and excellent surgical facilities. 

Whether desexing, removing lumps, complex soft tissue or orthopaedic surgery our team can help.

When your pet arrives it will get a health check to ensure it is fit for the anaesthetic and surgery. 

We recommend a pre-anaesthetic blood test to ensure your pet is well, a valuable baseline for healthy animals. Pre-anaesthetic drugs for pain relief and relaxation are given, intravenous fluids are recommended especially for older or unwell pets as part of the anaesthetic regime. 

We ensure the best quality of surgery,  your pet will be with us for the day and can usually go home in the afternoon. 

You will go home with clear after-care information and postoperative pain management is always a high priority!

Brian is a local - he grew up in Waimate North, went to school at Ohaeawai prima

Bay Vets

Bay of Islands Veterinary Services has been providing top quality veterinary care to the animals of the beautiful Bay of Islands for over 50 years.