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This page is dedicated to what we believe might be of interest for you and your pet. In-depth articles packed with useful information & practical tips for your companion animals. 


Arthritis is a painful, degenerative disease affecting the joints. It affects 20% of all dogs and a radiographic survey of 100 cats over 12 years showed ...

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You can't teach an old dog new tricks!

But you can! Training your pup and changing your adult dog's behaviour is possible and not as difficult as most people think. "The Dog Listener" by Jan Fennell is a marvellous book about communicating ...

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Canine Oestrous Cycle

The un-spayed female dog comes into heat about every six or seven months. This means she will have one or two cycles a year, with each one lasting an average of twenty-one days. The age at which the bitch has her first heat varies, ...

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Dental Advice

Dogs and cats are carnivores with teeth adapted for eating carcasses (including cartilage, bones, feathers and skin). As most of our pets are fed commercial diets ...

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Dental Care (Tooth Brushing)

Ten Top Tips For Brushing Your Pet's Teeth 1. Start toothbrushing as early in life as you can. It is easier to ...

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Dental Care - Halt Halitosis and Help Your Pet

Halitosis is defined as "having foul smelling breath".  Most cases of bad breath in dogs and cars are directly due to ...

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Spring is a time when cat reproduction gets into full gear and of course, 9 weeks later, there is an over abundance of kittens. The sad fact is that ...

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Diabetes - Not Just a Human Illness

Yes, pets can get Diabetes too! And the great news is that it can be treated. We have several clients who are successfully managing their pet's diabetes, giving them ...

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Encouraging Good Dog Behaviour

Most people will be shocked to read that approximately one in four of all euthanasias in dogs are due to behavioural problems and the rate is even higher in ...

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Flea Control

Facts about Fleas.

Most dogs and cats will suffer from a flea infestation at some stage of their life. We have produced this fact sheet to guide you on the right track in dealing with this common but often difficult problem.

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Forget Vampires - Think Fleas

Fleas can cause skin allergies and they can spread tapeworm. So what can we do to fight fleas? ...

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Considering a Microchip?  It could be a Life Saver. Microchipping is recognized as the most effective and secure way of ...

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Pet Club

Our Pet Club has been running since February 2008 and has been a huge success! The aim of the Pet Club is to give special discounted prices to clients who purchase their pet’s supplies from us.

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Puppy - Caring for your puppy

So you’re the proud owner of a new puppy! Your puppy will grow to be a faithful friend but it can all be a bit overwhelming at first – for you both! So here are a few handy hints on how to care for your puppy 

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Rabbit Vaccinations

Protect your rabbit from the fatal disease Calicivirus

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Senior Pets

Senior Pets

Looking after our "Golden Oldies"  – Many people do not realise that most pets reach their half-life around seven years old. This does not necessarily mean that you buy them a lazy-boy and clock and retire them to the lounge! Indeed many pets remain totally healthy and active well into their teens (which corresponds to a human age of sixty or more).

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Skin Problems & Solutions

There are many causes for skin problems with our pets. The number one cause of excessive scratching in dogs in Northland is fleas ...

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Summer Safety Advice for Pets

Animals left in cars - In the summer months temperatures inside closed cars can soar to 40 degrees very quickly. Unaware owners, who leave their pets in locked cars with minimal or no fresh air, can ...

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Vaccines prime the body's own immune system to fight infection by stimulating it to produce antibodies which destroy the virus or bacteria and prevent ...

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Why Feed Premium Foods

There is a saying "we are what we eat" and this is very true.  The food we eat doesn’t ...

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